Yanagoa Chapter


ORIGIN: In the year 2005, precisely in the month of July of that same year, Akparawa (Elder) James Akpan, inducted member of Oron Chapter of the organization by then convened the meeting of Ibibio Origin residing in Bayelsa State with the aim of introducing the organization to the sons and daughters of Ibibio stock residing East of the Niger.

After explaining the aims and objectives of the organization to them and the need to establish the chapter here, the idea received the blessing of all the people who attended the meeting. On the strength of the above Akparawa (Elder) James Akpan, the convener of the meeting, was given formal approval by the fifteen sons and daughters of Ibibio land who attended the meeting to write an application to International Headquarters at Uyo for the establishment of a Chapter in Yenagoa.

An application was written and sent to Uyo for the establishment of a chapter at Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. Same year approval was given for the establishment of the chapter by the then International President, Akparawa Godwin Ntukudeh. Akparawa (Elder) James Akpan was appointed as the coordinator of the Chapter.

Three months to the time of inauguration of the chapter, election was held and conducted by the then Mboho High Commissioner to South-South Akparawa (Obong) Boniface Ekwere in Yenagoa.

They following members were elected as the pioneer chapter executive.

  1. Akparawa (Elder) Jame Akpan               –        Chairman
  2. Akparawa Edem F. Effiong                     –        Vice Chairman
  3. Akparawa Christopher E. Essoh            –        Secretary
  4. Akparawa Nelson Ntuk                            –        Assist. Secretary
  5. Akp/anwan Esther Cupa Emmanuel      –        Treasurer
  6. Akparawa Inih Imoh Akpan                     –        Fin. Secretary
  7. Akparawa David T. Ittu                            –        PRO
  8. Akparawa Linus O. Akpan                       –        Welfare Officer
  9. Akparawa Samuel U. Obot                      –        Provost
  10. Akparawa Inyang Godwin                       –        Auditor
  11. Akp/anwan Bright Gabriel                        –        Women Leader


On 15th March, 2008, Yenagoa chapter of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio was formally inaugurated with twenty five financial members inducted by immediate then president, Akparawa (Otuekong) Sylvester Akpan (Ph. D) for a four-year tenure. Before the end of the tenure the number of inducted members rose to thirty seven.


At the expiration of Akparawa (Elder) James Akpan tenure, a new chapter executive was reconstituted on 17th March, 2013 with the following as new members.


  1. Akparawa Edem F. Effiong                     –        Chairman
  2. Akparawa Andikan Okon                         –        Vice Chairman
  3. Akparawa Inyang Godwin                       –        Secretary
  4. Akp/anwan Victoria E. Udoh                   –        Treasurer
  5. Akparawa Uwem P. Ekanem                  –        Fin. Secretary
  6. Akp/anwan Emem D. Sunday                 –        Women Leader
  7. Akparawa (Elder) James Akpan        –       Immediate Past Chairman
  8. Akparawa Christopher E. Essoh          –        Immediate past Secretary


This is for four years tenure



The welfare of the members has remained paramount in the heart of the chapter. The chapter has been assisting members when the need arises, such as in times of bereavement, sickness, wedding and traditional marriage. Plans are already on ground to establish Mboho Cooperative Society in the chapter to assist members financially in their daily business transaction. Key officers in the chapter to manage the financial outfit are preparing for seminar/workshops with Bayelsa State department of cooperative society.



Development of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio Yenogoa Chapter Secretariat remains the focus of the chapter. This will consist of skills acquisition unit to help Akwa Ibom State sons and daughters residing in Bayelsa State to acquire trade skills in artisanship in key areas, example computer operation training and others. The main hall shall be used for conferences, wedding and others, this will in turn help to strengthen the financial base of the chapter. Fund raising for this lofty project had been scheduled with high expections that invitees in Bayelsa and outside would donate generously towards this lofty project in Yenagoa City, the State Capital of Bayelsa.

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