President’s Address at 19th Obong Sampson Udo Etuk Lectures Morning Session




I welcome you all to the 2015 Obong Sampson Udo Etuk Lecture which is the 19th in the biennial series of our great organization to immortalize a rare gem and an icon of leadership given to our country Nigeria at the outset of the 20th century. Obong Sampson Udo Etuk was the founding President General of the legendary Ibibio Union. This enigma of self-less service led the Union to organize the first ever major self-help initiative never before known in Africa which culminated in the institution of a scholarship scheme through which six sons of Ibibio Nation were opportuned to travel overseas to receive university education in diverse fields of agriculture, law, medicine and education and returned to make strong impact and contributions in the pre-independence and post-independence Nigeria.

Very significantly Obong Sampson Udo Etuk opted for self-sponsorship as the seventh student howbeit at great personal cost and discomfort. His reason was that it would be self-serving to accept to be included among the beneficiaries maintaining that it was nobler to serve others than one-self. He departed on the same mail boat with the rest of the scholars to the United States of America to study education.

In organizing this event and lecture series we remember Obong Sampson Udo Etuk for perceptive leadership, self-less service, patriotism, entrepreneurship, vision, excellence and equity; all attributes that seem to be in short supply today amongst our leaders.

The theme of this year’s lecture is “Repositioning Akwa Ibom State for Sustainable Development: Imperatives for Economic Diversification and Industrialization. It was deliberately selected to align our focus and discourse on the main thrust and five point agenda of the Akwa Ibom State Government under the Captainship of His Excellency, Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel namely 1. Wealth creation 2. Economic and Political inclusion 3. Poverty Alleviation.

  1. Infrastructural Consolidation and Expansion and 5. Job Creation.

A careful look at the theme for this colloquium would reveal that all five points are embedded and this is as it should be. Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio has always played partnership to the Akwa Ibom State government over the years and everywhere else where we are present. We are therefore calling on all stakeholders in the State at home and in the Diaspora to key into the programme of the State as enunciated by our Governor for the good of all.

May I heartily thank our distinguished guest lecturer, Professor S.W. Petters, Immediate past Vice Chancellor, Akwa Ibom State University for accepting to honour our invitation to speak and lead discussions during this morning session.

My sincere gratitude also goes to Mr Akan Okon, Honourable Commissioner for Finance, Akwa Ibom State for accepting to chair this session despite his typically busy schedule.

To all our esteemed guests and discussants I thank you all.

And to our members who have converged from cities within and outside the country to keep a date with this flagship of Mboho’s celebrations, I thank you all and do appreciate your enormous sacrifice and patriotism.

May I invite you all to do well to attend the evening session which is the high point of this weekend’s activities and will feature Gala nights, Excellence awards to Nigerians who have distinguished themselves in their various fields of endeavour such as leadership, patriotism, Public Service, Use of Talents and entrepreneurship. Presidential awards to Chapters and members will also be made. There will be scholarship awards to deserving students as well as prizes for Ibibio Language Essay Writing Competition. It promises to be fun-filled and you will not want to miss it.

Meanwhile please go ahead, enjoy the lectures and participate in the ensuing discussions. In the spirit of the DA’KKA’DA initiative, let us rise to the faith of Greatness. Akwa Ibom eda’kka’eda ke MBOHO MKPARAWA IBIBIO eda’kka’eda. Ami mme DA’KKA’NDA


Thank you all and God bless.



Akparawa Monday Etokakpan, JP, FCIL

International President    

7th November, 2015