Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio Anthem

The International President of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio would like to remind all members worldwide that ALL events (meetings, lectures, seminars, fora, ceremonies, etc) organized by MMI must, as a matter of Mboho’s procedure, be opened and closed with the Mboho Anthem. Normal prayers may be fitted inside of these anthem renditions.

Members are to please take this into consideration in deciding on venues for our events where these formalities are not out-lawed. Kindly circulate especially among new chapters and new members for strict adherence.

Thank you.

Yours in community service,

Akparawa (Engr) Anthony Udoekong




  1. Abasi ibededem esed
    Unwam k’ini iso
    Itie Udibe nnyin k’uwem
    Nsinsi idun nnyin
  2. Ke Mfuud mba mfo O Ete
    K’idun k’emem k’isong
    Ubok mfo ikpoon ikpoon osoon
    Akan efid mme usua
  3. Tosin isua utie fien
    Nte ndubi usen keed
    Ntukpeme okoneyo
    K’iso utin asaka
  4. Abasi Ibededem esed
    Unwam k’ini iso
    Mbok suk do ukpeme nnyin
    Suk do nsinsi idun nnyin
  1. O God our help in ages past
    Our hope for years to come
    Our shelter from the stormy blast
    And our eternal home
  2. Under the shadow of thy throne
    Thy Saints have dwelt secure
    Sufficient is thine arm alone
    And our defence is sure
  3. A thousand ages in thy sight
    Are like an evening gone
    Short as the watch that ends
    The night before the rising sun.
  4. O God our help in ages past
    Our hope for years to come
    Be thou our guard while troubles last
    And our eternal home.