Kaduna Chapter



Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Kaduna Chapter was inaugurated on 5th April, 2003 by the then International President, Akparawa Godwin Ntuk Udeh. The inauguration was made possible by a motivating force who was also named as chairman of the inauguration committee. He is our present Chapter Chairman, Akp (Dr) Inyang U. Inyang. The ceremony which was held at the NAF Club, Kaduna had the following dignitaries in attendance: His Excellency Stephen Shekari (now late) then Deputy Governor of Kaduna State who represented the Governor as the Special Guest of Honour; Major General Okon E. Okon, Commandant of Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna at the time who was the Guest of Honour as well as Otuekong Idongesit Nkanga who was the Chairman of the occasion. Also in attendance were Iberedem Air Marshal Nsikak Eduok, Rtd, the Grand Patron of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio and Chief Ime R. Etuk, CEO of Ideal Flour Mills, Kaduna who was co-chairman of the ceremony. HRH Danjuma S. Barde, JP sa Gbagyji 1 Kaduna was the Royal Father of the day. 31 members were inducted into the organization on that day.

The leadership style of the first executive council under the chairmanship of Akp (Obong) J.P. Ayang , a humble, dynamic and disciplined individual laid the foundation for the progress of the chapter till today. Akparawa Ayang sustained the spirits of Mboho in Kaduna despite several sectarian and political crises that made coordination of Mboho’s activities in the Northern parts of the nation very difficult. His team managed to weather the storm and held sway till the end of their tenure.

Akparawa (Dr) I.U. Inyang, an educationist and a grass root mobilize took over the leadership of the chapter as second chapter chairman in 2009 with a sound, loyal and dependable deputy in the person of Akparawa Cyril Mbong as vice Chairman. Together they have taken Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio Kaduna Chapter to its present height. During the present leadership of Akp I.U.Inyang the chapter has been involved in routine and periodic funding of Andonai Orphanage/Widows Centre in Kaduna. The chapter also donated some relief materials to Akwa Ibom indigenes affected in the last post-election violence in Kaduna regardless of specific place of origin in our State.

The Chapter also in 2009 established and launched Education Trust Fund for Ibibio sons and daughters in Kaduna State. Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio under Dr Inyang’s chairmanship is concerned about the welfare of its members hence his slogan of “welfarism”. We are urged to be bold, strong and dynamic to stand out despite the standards others have set. We are encouraged to be proud of our origin and to boldly proclaim our rich Ibibio heritage and the who;esomeness of the Ibibio nation. We are called upon to celebrate the brotherhood of Ibibio in all of its beauty and gracefulness. Below is the Pioneer EXCO:

Akp (Obong) Joseph Peter Ayang                         Chairman

Akp (Dr) Inyang U. Inyang                                       Vice Chairman

Akp Cyril Mbong                                                      Secretary

Akp Ekong Noah                                                       Assistant Secretary

Akp Otuekong Otu                                                   Treasurer

Akp Usenekong Udoudo                                      Financial Secretary

Akp Ofiong Charles                                                 P.R.O.

Akp Godfrey Efiong (Late)                                     Welfare Officer

Akp Monday George                                            Provost

Akparawaanwan Conrad Nseobong Smart       Women Leader.

The second executive committee of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Kaduna Chapter was elected and sworn in July, 2009. They are:

Akp (Dr) Inyang U. Inyang                                    Chairman

Akp Cyril Mbong                                                       Vice Chairman

Akp Robert Nkono                                                   Secretary

Akp S.E. Brown                                                         Assistant Secretary

Akp Ukpe J.E.                                                           Treasurer

Akp Gerald Ntah                                                      Financial Secretary

Akp George Ekpo                                                     P.R.O.

Akp Ofiong Charles                                                Welfare Officer

Akp Monday George                                             Provost

Akp Diana Jonathan                                               Women Leader

Akp (Obong) Ayang                                               IPC

MMI Kaduna Chapter meets every last Saturday of the month at

Women Multi-purpose Centre, Bank Road, Kaduna behind former Savanna Bank Building by NEPA Roundabout.


Chairman :   Akp (Dr) Inyang         08036160039

Assist Secretary : Akp S.E.Brown 08023633763

PRO: Akp George Ekpo                  08036403986