Itu Chapter


A Brief Profile of the Chapter

Historically,’ it is on record that by the grace of God and through

the vision of twelve Ibibio sons, the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio was formed

at 7 Bonny Street, Calabar on the 1st of August, 1987. These members

were: Anietie Ekong (founding President [now late]), Ikpong Essien

Udom (founding Secretary General),’ Idongesit .Udokpo, Udo Sam

Umotan, Ubong Nda, Udo Tobby Udobot, . Ntienyong Inyangmme,

Ntiense Mboso, Ama T. Ama, Itoro Umoh, Emmanuel Umo and Akpan

Micah Umo. Thank God that at the moment we have remained a

formidable force having existed over twenty-five years’ with chapters

spread across Nigeria and abroad and with a renewed zeal and

commitment to render services to our fatherland in line with the vision

./ of our founding fathers.

Remarkably, the Itu Chapter of this great organization was the

first Chapter to. be inaugurated worldwide, dated 1st August, 1989 at . . .

Mbak Atai – Itu’ Local Government Area .of Akwa Ibom State. The

Chapter had Akp. (Otuekong) Idonoeslt Udokpo as its first founding

memebr of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio.

Significantly, too, this chapter has given birth to a host of early

active memebrs of the Mboho including Akp. Okon Imerh – as its Ist

Chapter ‘Chairman and 3rd President of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Akp.

(Bar.) Ansalem Eyo who rose to the position of secretary general/vice

president I and Akp. Ntienyong Inyangmme – past national treasurer

amongst others.

Chapter Chairmen and secretaries in succession were:

  1. 1. Okon Imerh- Chairman and Akp. (~aL) An..salem Eyo . ~’
  2. 2. Akp. () Ansalem Eyo – Chairman and .~kp. Uwemedimo Okon
  3. Akp. Gregory Ekpo Etim “:”Chairman’ and Akp. Linus Utuk
  4. Akp. (Hon.) Patrick Udo – Chairman and Akp. Joseph Mbom /Akp.

Augustine Etuk

  1. Akp. (Elder) Effiong Utip – Chairman and Akp. (Comdr.) Ekereke U.


  1. And the current chairman, Akp. Augustine W. Etuk and the

Secretary Akp. Uwem Utip.

However, Itu Chapter has remained on the lead for organizing and

instituting lofty programmes and projects, such as the Agricultural Farm , .

Project at Okobo Ibiono Ibom; Essay Writing Competition in Ibibio

language; and instituting a Scholarship Scheme for intelligent but

indigent students in the area. Meanwhile, strategies are in motion to

purchase a brand new bus for the chapter and courtesy of the Education

Committee for the commencement of our Counseling Services

Programme for senior secondary students in the area to aid their choice

of career. Equally, the chapter has established a football team that

would stand the test of time. It is also on record that the First Football

Competition instituted by the outgoing Int’l President Akp. (Elder) Nse

Ubeh on behalf of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio Worldwide, the cup was won

by Itu Chapter.

The current officers/members of the Chapter are:

L Akp. Augustine W. Etuk

  1. 2. Akp. (Hon) BasseyAsanga
  2. Akp. Uwem Utip .
  3. 4. Emmanuel Adonis
  4. Akp.’anwan Margaret Ekpo Etim
  5. 6. ‘anwan Enobong Umo
  6. 7. Stephen Abia (KSJ)
  7. 8. Samuel Utuk
  8. 9. Uko Iwaudofia
  9. Akp. Ubong Udosen


Vice Chairman


Asst. Secretary


Financial Secretary


Welfare Officer



  1. 11. Akp.’anwan Ofonmbuk Obot Women Leader

Other members include;

  1. 1. A (Otuekong) Idongesit Udokpo – (FM)
  2. Akp. Okon Imerh – (PC, PP,MAC)
  3. Akp. Gregory EkPC?Etim – (PC/President MMI Itu Chapter MPCS


  1. Akp, (Hon.) Patrickudo -:-(PC)
  2. 5. Akp. (Elder) Effiong Utip – (IPC)
  3. 6. Akp. (comdr.) Ekereke U. Ekereke (PS, SEFC)
  4. Akp. FrancisWillie (MEC)
  5. Akp. James Edet, Npom – (S~)
  6. Akp. Iniubong Ansa (SSA)
  7. Akp. (Dr.) SarnuelIwaudofla
  8. 11. Ak (Dr.) Akan Brooks
  9. Akp. Kokoette David Ekpe
  10. Akp. Okon Sampson
  11. 14. Akp. Rowland Udo

15.’ Akp. Aniefiok Uwah

  1. Akp.’anwan Mary Okon Akpan
  2. 1 Akp.’anwan Mabel Philip .
  3. Akp.’anwan Emannor Udokpo
  4. 19. Ak (Prince) Enwono-AbasiItuen
  5. Akp. Ime Etim AKpan
  6. 21. Ak Akaninyene Sunday Essien

22.. Akp. Kubiat Eyibio Akpan

  1. 2 Akp. Idorenyin Esara
  2. 24. Ak Sunday Jimmy Akpan
  3. 25. Ak Okon ffflonq Tom
  4. Akp. Godwin EssienUrua
  5. 27. Akp. Udeme Wilson Ekpo
  6. Akp. Effiong Ikotidem .
  1. Akp. Eno Christopher
  2. Akp. Ifreke Udoaduak
  3. 31. Akp. Otuekong Udoekong
  4. Akp.’anwan EnoInyang
  5. Akp.’anwan PraiseJackson
  6. Akp. (Bishop) Idongesit Ambrose
  7. Akp. (Bishop) Ededet Ndon
  8. Akp. Effiong Etim Akpan
  9. Akp’anwan Glory Gideon Akpan
  10. Akp. Emmanuel S. Ebong
  11. Akp. Clement B. Ebuk
  12. Akp’anwan (Dr.) Nsikak Ituen
  13. Akp. Offiong Offiong
  14. Akp. Lawrence B. Okoire
  15. Akp’anwan Mary PiusOwoh
  16. Akp. Ana Udosen.
  17. Akp’anwan (Hon) Deborah Ekpe
  18. Akp’ NSeobongEffiong Akpan

E-mail Address: The Chapter E-mail:

  1. Augustine

Chapter Chairman

Akp. Uwem Utip

Chapter Secretary