Ibibio Language Learning Centre, Manchester

Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio

Commissioning of Ibibio Language Learning Centre, Manchester

Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio last weekend, Friday, June 19, 2015 recorded another “first” in Manchester, United Kingdom with the commissioning of Ibibio Language Virtual Learning Centre by Akparawa (Elder) Monday Etokakpan, FCIL, JP, the International President of the pan – Ibibio socio-cultural organization Mboho Mkparawa


The facility is a virtual learning centre holding Ibibio Language resource designed to completely simulate a real life classroom environment. Relishing reliving the dream of their leaders of June 2006 the MMI Manchester

Chapter the project leader stated that the vision nine years ago was building a website that would enable our children in different parts of the world to access the lessons from the comfort of their homes.

The MMI Manchester, nay MMI the world over recognizes that building a good image is of special significance for the Ibibios of today and most importantly future generation. Drawing on research from a range of ethnic

groups around the world, language contributes to the social and psychological processes involved in the

formation of ethnic identity. A people without their own unique language cannot have their own culture. And

can therefore not boast of their own unique identity. Language is the vehicle and the custodian of any people’s

culture. And based on the deep understanding of the connotations and significance of harmonious and integrated culture, coupled with the risk of Ibibio language and culture going extinct, Manchester Chapter proposed that

urgent and practical steps be taken to build and communicate Ibibio image nationally and even internationally.

The Chapter therefore took a decision in 2007 to ensure that our children are encouraged to not only understand Ibibio language but most importantly speak, read and write the language. This is how IBIBIO LANGUAGE

PROJECT was born. Parents were encouraged to use Ibibio language to communicate with their children at

home. Ibibio language lessons were organized from time to time for the children in Manchester and books that would help children learn the language were procured by the chapters. In addition activities and competitions in Ibibio language were also organized for the children. Manchester Chapter has now created a virtual learning

environment for their children to learn the language and some dedicated resource persons appointed to lead the

class. The team is made up of volunteer seasoned educationists led by Akparawa anwan (Mrs) Esther Okon and ably supported by Akparawa anwan (Mrs) Yvonne Inyang and Akparawa anwan (Mrs) Regina Okpo.

The Manchester Chapter after putting lots of reeources and energy into this project and during her 95th chapter meeting on Saturday, 6th June, 2015 finalized all arrangements for the commissioning of the project. And this was performed in a beautifully packaged ceremony by the 9th International President of Mboho Mkparawa

Ibibio, Akparawa Monday Etokakpan on that equally beautiful Friday at the serene Banquet Hall of The

Premier Inn, Manchester Airport, Manchester.

Shortly the online link to this resource will be made available to authorized persons.


Yak Isong Ibibio Adoro Ukana


Akparawa Anthony Udoekong