Eket Chapter

Cross section of members of MMI, Eket Chapter

Cross section of members of MMI, Eket Chapter

Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Eket Chapter was inaugurated on the 11th of September 1993 by the Presidency of Akparawa Okon B. Imerh, at a very special ceremony held at the defunct Mobil Pegasus Club, Eket.

This was a culmination of the pioneering effort of Akparawa (Prince) Enobong U. James who played the pivotal role of coordinating the establishment of a chapter of Mboho in the oil city of Eket.
Akparawa James initially set out to bring together progressive minded youths of  Okon – Eket extraction for community development, but the wider appeal of an enlarged Ibibio agenda eventually upgraded the vision to accommodate patriotic, determined and  inspired Ibibio professionals and artisans within Eket urban and neighborhood, in their bid to replicate the unifying exploits of Ibibio Sate Union of old.
With an initial membership of about twenty at inauguration, the Chapter under the leadership of Akparawa (Obong) Samuel T. Eshiet, as the pioneer Chairman, speedily entrenched the principle of ‘Oneness for Service’ as a cherished value; becoming a rallying point and beacon for development oriented Ibibio youths in Eket and environs, who voluntarily stepped out with zeal, to be identified as champions of the Ibibio cause.
The exemplary and selfless leadership style of the chapter’s inaugural executive committee initiated an enduring culture of selfless service and excellence; nurturing and exposing a rewarding line-up of servant leaders that has seen Eket chapter, so far, evolving into one of the best chapters of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio in contemporary times, significantly and consistently providing leadership resources for Mboho at national and international levels.
A roll call of our servant leaders include

Akparawa (Prince) Enobong U. James who coordinated the establishment of the Chapter and used his father’s Itam Royal Palace at Okon Eket for the early meetings that midwifed the birth of Eket Chapter. He later went on to become the National Financial Secretary of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio and still remains, till date, a respected, committed and reliable elder of the chapter.

Akparawa (Obong) Samuel T. Eshiet, the pioneer Chairman, who later rose in Mboho’s hierarchy to become the Deputy Secretary General of the organization and has consistently, at different times, headed strategic committees at the National level, making him, at a point, the longest serving member of the Central Working Committee.
Akparawa (Teacher) Nseabasi J. Efik who was called in to head an interim administration at the expiration of Eshiet’s tenure. He performed creditably well and is a past chairman of the all important Education Committee of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, among other challenging assignments.
Mr/Mrs Jimaimah Essien

Akparawa/Akparawa-anwan Jimaimah Essien

Akparawa Jimaimah J. Essien, an embodiment of selfless service and commitment, recorded great success in elevating the status of Mboho in Eket. Presently, Akparawa Jimaimah is Mboho’s High Commissioner to Europe, and he has been shining like a thousand stars in this assignment for some years now.

Akparawa (Elder) Udo T. Ekotumoh, another bridge builder, took over the mantle of leadership in Eket chapter and did his best, in line with the entrenched culture of excellence within the organization. He was a consistent and valued contributor at the national level, who served in the Cultural, Newsletter and other committees, till May 2013 when he passed to the great beyond. May his gentle sould rest in peace.
Akparawa (Elder) Young J. Nkanang, a grassroot mobilizer of no mean repute, took his turn, at Eket Chapter’s leadership saddle and acquitted himself creditably. At the expiration of his tenure, he was readily drafted into the Political Mobilization and Finance Committees of Mboho at national level to tap into his potentials as an acknowledged leader of thought within the organisaton.
Akparawa Victor U. Inyang, an unassuming advocate of servant leadership, stewarded a result oriented paradigm shift in service delivery, discipline and resource management within the chapter, and re-positioned Eket Chapter to rank as a leading light in today’s Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio. He is presently assigned as Mboho’s High Commissioner  – South West Nigeria from September, 2014 having previously served as the Deputy High Commissioner from 2010 to 2014 in the same Commission.
Eket Chapter’s mantle of leadership got transferred from Akparawa Victor Inyang to Akparawa-anwan Glory E. Ebere, an award winning, committed and inspired Ibibio patriot whose service record in Mboho, culminated in two landmark achievements namely recognition by the International President in-council as the best chapter of the year 2011 and acquisition of a prime landed property as a first and major step towards erecting a home and a secretariat for MMI in Eket. She had enjoyed the unwavering support  of a trusting, motivated and united membership that spared nothing in their bid to position the chapter for the noble and God-given task of uplifting the Ibibio nation to the heights befitting of the AKPAN that we are.

. Akparawaanwan Glory Ebere had moved on in June 2014 to be elected, unopposed, as the International Treasuerer of MMI, an auspicious development which paved the way for her Deputy Akparawa Ekwerre Ette to step up and in to the position of Acting Chairman of Eket presently.

For the models of excellence and patriotic leaders of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Eket Chapter, listed above, their thoughts, words and deeds in their different and continuing leadership roles have sufficiently validated the postulations of philosophers and great thinkers of contemporary history.
William Cohen, in his book “The New Art of the Leader admonished
“Maintain absolute integrity.  This is the foundation of all leadership.  If you don’t maintain your integrity, you will never be fully trusted by those you lead.”
According to the timeless wisdom in the words of Booker T. Washington
“No man who continues to add something to the material, intellectual, and moral wellbeing of the place in which he lives is long left without proper reward.
Also Peter Senge in his work ‘The Fifth Discipline” confirmed thus
“Individuals committed to a vision beyond their self-interest find they have energy not available when pursuing narrower goals”
The current executive committee of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Eket Chapter, elected and sworn end of 2014, is made up as follows
  1.     Akparawa (Pastor)  Edimoh D. Edoho        –         Chairman
  2.     Akparawa Clement E. Effiong                    –         Vice Chairman
  3.     Akparawa Joseph Udoh                             –         Secretary
  4.     Akparawa Bruno Effiong                            –         Assistant Secretary
  5.     Akp-anwan Janet Mbong                           –         Treasurer
  6.     Akparawa Imoh Iniko Etuk                         –          Financial Secretary
  7.     Akparawa (Engr.) Otu Nya                         –          P. R. O.
  8.     Akparawa Edem Ekanem                          –          Welfare Officer
  9.     Akparawa Samuel Akpanudoh                   –           Provost
  10.    Akparaa-anwan Esther Uko                       –          Women Leader
All Ibibio patriots within Eket and environs are invited and welcome to join hands with us to continue this tradition of selfless service to Ibibio nation. Let us not forget that service begins with a sincere desire to help others, followed by action.  It is a strange paradox that the person who gives a helping hand often benefits as much or more than the person being helped.
At some point each of us must discover that our self-interest is better served more by doing good work than getting good things.
Come let us serve Ibibio together.
Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Eket Chapter meets every third Sunday of the month at Helix Guest House, 27 RCC Road, Eket, and our secretariat is at No 34 Hospital Road, Eket
For enquiries, please contact the following:
Chapter Chairman -Akparawa Edimoh Edoho –08029435930
Chapter Secretary – Akparawa Joseph Udo – 08064279722
Our e-mail address is mkparawaibibioeket@gmail.com