Abuja Chapter



In 1996, the need to form Abuja Chapter of the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio was suggested to Elder Aniefon Akpabio, who was then the President of the Akwa Ibom Development Association ( now, Akwa Ibom Community), Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It was not possible for the proposal to materialise, because of the enormous challenges of bringing under one umbrella, all the Akwa Ibomites resident in Abuja.

Some years later, in early 2002, the Vice President 1 of the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Akparawa (Barr.) Phillips Anselem Eyo, convened a meeting of Ibibio people in Abuja. During the meeting, the need to form Abuja Chapter was revisited, and Akparawa Amah T. Amah was appointed to coordinate the process of forming the proposed Chapter. Akparawa Godwin Okon was appointed to assist Akparawa Amah. Unfortunately, the momentum and the zeal in getting the proposal off the ground petered out after the meeting. However, later in June of the same year, the President of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Akparawa (Prince) Godwin Ntuk Udeh, led a delegation of the Mboho’s National Executive Council to the National Assembly, Abuja to demonstrate support for the right for Resource Control, which was championed by the then Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Arc. (Obong) Victor Attah. During the delegation’s stay in Abuja, the President convened a meeting of prominent Ibibio persons, and the proposal to open the Abuja Chapter of the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio was among the major issues discussed. Elder Aniefon Akpabio and Mr. Okon E. Bassey were appointed Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator respectively. Elder Aniefon Akpabio was unconditionally conferred with the status of  “Akparawa” so as to strengthen him to perform the assignment.

The first coordination meeting of the Abuja Chapter was held in Affi’s Kitchen, shop No. 725/728, Garki Modern Market, Garki II, Abuja on 21st July 2002, and was chaired by Akparawa (Elder) Aniefon Akpabio, while Mr. Okon E. Bassey doubled as Interim Secretary. During the meeting, Deacon Okokon Ekanem Udo was appointed as Interim Treasurer and Mr. Godwin Daniel Effiong was appointed as Interim Provost. Thereafter, the meeting was held monthly; on every third Sunday of the month as is the custom till date.

Founding Members of Abuja Chapter

The following members met at Affi’s Kitchen, Shop 725/728, Garki II, Abuja on 21st July 2002, for the first time in the name of Abuja Chapter of the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, and agreed to form the Chapter without going back, also made voluntary financial contributions towards hiring of the initial venues of meetings:

  1. Akparawa (Elder) Aniefon Akpabio         –        Coordinator
  2. Mr. Okon Bassey                                  –        Asst. Coordinator/

Interim  Secretary

  1. Deacon Okokon Ekanem Udo                 –        Interim Treasurer
  2. Mr. Godwin Daniel Effiong                     –        Interim Provost
  3. Mr. Emmanuel  T. Umoh                        –        Founding Member
  4. Mr. Emmanuel  J. Umoh
  5. Dr. Tony N. Obot
  6. Mr. Dominic Mbat
  7. Obong Jackson Ndueso JP, mfs
  8. Mr. Uwem Essien
  9. Barrister Hilary Ekpo
  10. Mr. Essien A. Essien
  11. Mr. George Edem
  12. Deacon Sonny Inyang
  13. Mr. Tony Ekwere

Election of the Pioneer Officers of the Chapter

The first general election was conducted at Akwa Ibom House, Central Business Area, Abuja on 15th September 2002. The following persons were elected unopposed as the pioneer Officers of the Chapter:

  1. Akparawa (Elder) Aniefon Akpabio         –        Chairman
  2. Akparawa Emmanuel J. Umoh                –        Vice Chairman
  3. Akparawa Okon E. Bassey                     –        Secretary
  4. Akparawa (Deacon) Okokon E. Udo        –        Asst. Secretary
  5. Akparawa Mfon Brooks                         –        Treasurer
  6. Akparawa Kokoete Bassey                     –        Financial Secretary
  7. Akparawa Victor Abasiakanekim             –        Publicity/Organising Secretary
  8. Akparawa-anwan Margaret Archibong    –        Women Leader
  9. Akparawa Godwin Daniel Effiong           –        Welfare officer
  10. Akparawa Gabriel Udosen                    –        Provost
  11. Akparawa Essien A. Essien                   –        Auditor

The election was supervised by the Secretary General of the Mboho Akparawa Ibibio, Akparawa (Barr.) Ekpa B. Ekpa, and it was free, fair and peaceful.

In the course of running the affairs of the Chapter, it became obvious that Akparawa (Barr.) Victor Abasiakanekim’s official schedule was too tight for him to function properly as the publicity Secretary/ Organising Secretary. Consequently, Akparawa Dominic Mbat was elected on 15th June, 2003 as Organising Secretary, and on 21st September, 2003, Akparawa (Deacon) Sonny Inyang was elected to take over the office of the Publicity Secretary. Also, the peculiarity of the location of the Abuja Chapter necessitated the election of Akparawa David O. Wiiliams on 19th October 2003 as the Chief Security Officer of the Chapter. Mkparawa E.T. Umoh and Amah T. Amah were Ex-officio/Founding Members of the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio who also served on the Executive Council of the Chapter.

Inauguration of the Chapter

The formal inauguration of the Abuja Chapter was conducted at Akwa Ibom House, Central Business Area, Abuja on 25th January 2003 by the President of the Mboho Akparawa Ibibio, Akparawa (Prince) Godwin Ntuk Udeh. The Chapter was inaugurated as the 29th Chapter (aka “Ambassadorial Chapter”) of the Mboho Akparawa Ibibio. Thirty-seven (37) Mkparawa and Mkparawa-Iban were inducted as pioneer members during the inauguration.

Chapter Recognition was awarded to the following deserving persons during the inauguration.

  1. Dr. Edet Umana                    – For invaluable contributions to the

provision of Medical care in FCT and for

commitment to  serving the people of

Akwa Ibom in FCT.


  1. Senator Udoma Udo Udoma –   For invaluable contributions to

deliberations in the National Assembly

and for commitment to serving   the

Akwa Ibom State people.


  1. Mr. Teddy Luttwak              –   For invaluable contributions to industrial

Development of FCT and Akwa Ibom


  1. Chief Israel Utit                  –  For invaluable contributions to

industrial  Development of FCT and

Akwa Ibom State.


  1. Mr. Bassey Inuaeyen           – For invaluable contributions to

development of FCT and for

commitment to serving Akwa Ibom

State people.


  1. Mrs. Faith Umoh                 –  For invaluable contributions to the

Nigerian Customs Service and for

commitment to serving Akwa Ibom

State people.


After the inauguration of the Chapter, there was an influx of Observers totaling fifty-eight (58) out of which only sixteen (16) were eventually inducted as members of the Chapter in Uyo,  Akwa ibom State on 8th November, 2003.  The third batch, comprising eleven (11) observers, was also inducted in Uyo on 22nd May, 2004 during the General Assembly of the Mboho.  A total of one hundred and twenty-eight (128) inducted members have so far registered as members of the Chapter as at 30th July, 2013, out of which six (6) are late and only seventy-one are actually active members.


First Annual Dinner of the Chapter/Scholarship Award


Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Abuja Chapter held its first Annual Dinner at Abuja Sheraton Hotels and Towers, on Saturday, 30th August, 2003.  The Dinner featured Reception in honour of the following prominent Ibibio persons:


  1. His Excellency, Arc. (Obong) Victor Attah, Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State,
  2. His Excellency, Obong Ufot Ekaette, CFR, mni Secretary to the Government of the Federation; and

iii.           Obong Rita Akpan, Honourable Minister of Women Affairs and Youth Development

During the occasion, the following eleven deserving students of Akwa Ibom State origin in Senior Secondary School were awarded scholarships (first batch of beneficiaries):


Name                                      Gender           Village                             LGA


Benjamin Sunday Oyong             Male            Urue-Offong                    Urue-Offong

Ekaette Israel Akpan                   Female          Nkwot Ikono                   Etim Ekpo

Emem Joseph Udousoro             Female         Ibiakpan Ikot Inam            Ikot Ekpene

Emem Friday Akpan                    Female         Eka Obong, Ikot Akpan       Etim Ekpo

Catherine S. Etuk Akpan             Female        Ofriyo                             Eket

Ntiese Smith Obot                     Male             Ikot Ntot                         Mkpat Enin

Rebecca Udo Umoren                 Female         Ikot Ibok                           Etinan

Lewis Ephrim Akpan                   Male             Itak Ikot Obio Ise             Ini

Caroline Etim Paul                      Female         Ikot Mbo                           Ibesikpo

Nancy Nelson                             Female         Mbiokporo Nsit                  Ibesikpo

Uwem Etim Udoh                       Male             Mbio-oku                         Ikot abasi


During the occasion, Dr. Asikpo Essien Ibok, the then Executive Member of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other offences Commission (ICPC), Abuja delivered a lecture on “The Ibibio Man as a Symbol of Honesty and Industry”.

The Chairman of the occasion was Professor Akpan H. Ekpo, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Uyo. The Co-Chairman was the late Mr. Okokon Iniedu, the then Commissioner of Police for the Federal Capital Territory and Commissioner, Police Mobile Force in Nigeria.

The President of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Akparawa (Prince) Godwin Ntuk Udeh was the Chief Host.

Prominent Akwa Ibom people from all walks of life, which include members of the National Assembly, Board Members, Chief Executives of Companies, Captains of Industry and top government officials graced the occasion with their presence.

First Thanksgiving Service

The first thanksgiving Service of the Abuja Chapter was held at the Headquarters of Dominion Chapel International Churches, Area 1, Garki, Abuja on 31st August, 2003. The thanksgiving was to give God the glory for the success of the formal inauguration of the Chapter and the 2003 Annual Dinner of the Chapter. It was also to thank God for protecting members of the Chapter throughout the period. The Chapter donated two (2) mobile offering boxes to the church in appreciation of God’s grace and mercy. The thanksgiving ceremony was rounded off with a Family Dinner at Itene Mama Restaurant, Plot 1245, Sapele Street, Garki II, Abuja. The Dinner, which was sponsored by the Chapter, was strictly for the families of its members as a way of saying thank you to the members for esprit de corps.

First Anniversary of the Chapter

This was held at Itene Mama Restaurant on Sunday, 18th February, 2004. Two newly appointed Ambassadors from Akwa Ibom State, Ambassador (Mrs) Mandu Ekong and Ambassador (Dr.) Udo Moses Williams were formally honoured by the Chapter. The Ambassadors were impressed and therefore declared their willingness to become members of the Chapter. It was a joyous occasion and well attended. The Nigerian Police Band supplied music.


The Abuja Chapter pays significant attention to welfare matters. The Chapter identifies with aspirations, joy and problems of its members. It supports its members morally and financially in the areas of economic empowerment, marriage, child dedication, accident, bereavement, and other such matters. Every member is encouraged to uphold the tenet of being his brothers’ keeper.

The special welfare measures are spelt out in the Byelaws of the Chapter.



Code of Conduct

Every member of the Chapter is required to operate within the dictates of the Constitution of the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, and the Bye-laws of the Chapter, as well as the norms accepted by the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio.

Chapter Leadership Since Inception

15th September 2002 – 20th August 2006:

  1. Akparawa (Elder) Aniefon Sam Akpabio –       Chairman
  2. Akparawa Emmanuel Jerome Umoh      –       Vice Chairman

iii.        Akparawa Okon Etim Bassey                –       Secretary


20th August 2006 – 19th September 2010:

  1. Akparawa Dominic Mbat                     –       Chairman
  2. Akparawa Paulinus Okon/Akparawa Okon Etim Bassey – Vice Chairman

iii. Akparawa Mfon Brooks                      –       Secretary

*The relocation of Akparawa Paulinus Okon from Abuja to Uyo necessitated his replacement with Akparawa Okon Etim Bassey as the Vice Chairman of the Chapter.


17th October 2010 – Date:

  1. Akparawa Okon Etim Bassey                        –       Chairman
  2. Akparawa Tommy Udo-ime                          –       Vice Chairman

iii.        Akparawa (Deacon) Okokon Ekanem Udo      –       Secretary


The Chapter had blazed a trail by publishing the first Chapter Manual in August, 2004, and it contains useful information about the Mboho, Ibibio and Akwa Ibom State. Also, the Chapter had since acquired a 18-Seater Toyota Bus in order to minimize transportation problems of its members, as well as project the image of the Mboho in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Arrangements are being made to embark on real estate project, which is expected to empower every participant. A special project account has already been opened.



Current Venue of Chapter Meetings

FMG Park and Garden, No. 20 Arochukwu Street, Garki II, Abuja. Monthly General Meeting holds on third Sunday of every month.

Current Contacts

Akparawa Okon Etim Bassey

Chapter Chairman:      Phone       –       08033140400

e-mail        –       itenemama@yahoo.com

Akparawa Okokon Ekanem Udo

Chapter Secretary:      Phone       –       08023564183

e-mail        –       okeudokang@yahoo.com