Mboho’s Attire

For the purpose of reviving Ibibio culture and tradition and to distinguish Mboho in any gathering, the Mboho have two types of uniforms namely Formal and Informal Uniforms.


  • For men:
    • Wrapper (traditional usobo)
    • Chieftaincy (long tail) white elbow length shirt.
    • Traditional cap with inscription MMI
  • For Women:
    • White short sleeves blouse)
    • Complete wrapper (ndot iba)
    • Red head tie with inscription MMI


  • For men:
    • Black trouser
    • Chieftaincy (Long tail) white elbow length shirt
    • Black oblong cap beaded with Mboho Logo.
  • For Women:
    • White caftan dress
    • Black head tie lined with golden colour and MMI inscription.

Walking sticks form part of the uniform only when attending wedding ceremonies of members. This is commonly referred to as ceremonial dressing